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Happy thoughts and conduct

Most of the time, you wake up in the morning and start your day with a quick schedule of the whole day in front of your eyes. When we were young, why do we get up in the morning and start the day as easily as we did when there were no thoughts, worries and stress in our heads?

Look, when I was very young, it used to be so easy, I started going to school, my homework, the teacher said, the hope that was with my friends today was replaced by some thoughts. As I got older, the intensity of these questions and work lists increased.And this stress became an integral part of our lives.

You now feel happy childhood !! Why is it still not good to live like that?

In fact, to get out of it, you need to take care of yourself without doing too much circus.You can increase your productivity by being happy even if you do a few small things as if it were your daily routine.

If you wake up 25-30 minutes earlier than usual in the morning and consciously make some things a part of your habit, you will not find it difficult to start a stress free day with a good mood and light flowers.

Today in this article I am going to tell you five such highways. If you follow these rules every day, in a few days you will realize that your productivity has increased miraculously.    

good thing-good thoughs:

We are greatly influenced by what is happening around us. And unfortunately most of these events are likely to be negative. Or even if it is not completely negative, it is not possible for you to pick the best out of it.

The confidence -:

Too often your goals seem impossible to you. And you were disappointed. In such a case, visualization comes in handy because faith can only be seen with the naked eye. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel your goals are possible. A 10 minute exercise will suffice.

 What to do for that?

Sit in a quiet place. See to it that there are no disturbances. Erase calm eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine that all your dreams have come true and you are living like that.Imagine what you see and feel. I don't even think about how it will happen for a while.(Because I want to do it just to get the energy to do it. It's not just Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne


Often we have our past experiences hidden in a corner of our mind. Then this emotional baggage is next until you unload it

How will the thought be clear?

 What to do for that?

For this, do a 20 minute exercise. This will make you feel calm and relaxed. Sit back. 10 Breathe deeply and steadily. Then think of the things you want to do late. Let the thoughts come easily. Don't judge it. Then take 10 calm breaths again and as you exhale, feel that you are letting those 'let go' emotions out of your body. See how light it feels. Do this exercise daily. Do it until the thoughts are clear.

Congratulations and best wishes, now you understand the five ways to be happy and increase your productivity. Now suppose 'Sky is the limit for you' and then move on

Exercise 1- Awareness of positive mindset

Do you know when your mindset becomes negative? When you have a sense of optimism and gratitude somewhere. Now do a 10 minute exercise to develop a positive mindset.

 What to do for that?

Do you ever remember yourself being slapped? So do it now, easily. Review the good things you have done so far, remember the goodness you have, the strength you feel in yourself.

 Ask yourself these three questions !!

1) What were the 10 best things I did in the last week?

2) What are the 10 things I am grateful for?

3) What are the 10 things that make me happy in my life?

observations our maind -:

In this you want to observe your own mind.When your mind worries about the past, fears the future, a negative mindset erupts.Don't assume that reading and 'observing the mind' will be too complicated. All you have to do is focus on the present and stop worrying consciously.

What to do for that?

Take something you like or possibly a flower. Put it on a table. Now I used to do a 5 minute exercise. Look at him as if you were seeing that flower for the first time. Just feel the color and smell of that flower. Just experience it with curiosity without any judgment

The above five highways I have favored you.If you follow these rules every day, in a few days you will realize that your willpower has miraculously increased

Happy thoughts and conduct

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